Romaniak's Fine Art and Antique Restoration

Romaniak Fine Art and Antique Restoration, located in Des Plaines, Illinois, will restore your damaged fine art and antiques. We specialize in restoring fine art works that have been dropped, chipped, vandalized, faded or otherwise damaged. We are especially good at recreating damaged or missing portions of an art object. We have restored pieces made of porcelain, ceramic, wood and metal, which include small and medium sized furniture, oriental screens, delicate miniatures, statues, clock casings, vases and finely crafted jewel boxes.

Richard Romaniak, proprietor, celebrates over 28 years of restoration experience and has done restoration work for the Museum of Science and Technology, The Chicago Yacht Club, Chicago Maritime Society, Stock Market Observer for Small Business and several TV shows.

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"Our client base is very diverse" says Romaniak, "from the person who wants to restore grandmother's beautiful keepsake to some of Chicagoland's top interior designers, art dealers and collectors."

"When the increase in value and satisfaction is considered, restoration work is inexpensive, and often returns its cost many times over. Anyone who has antiques or other items of artistic or sentimental value should consider having them restored," Romaniak advised.

"When my customers first see their restored piece and happily state that 'It never looked better' or 'That they can't tell were it had been damaged' is when I feel proudest and happiest".

Richard is also an experienced master model ship builder. "I have always been interested in history. Coupled with artistic ability I found modeling to be an excellent artist form of bringing history to life."

When Richard was asked how he had made the transition from modeling to fine art & antique restoration, he replied, "It really was a logical transition for me. Authentic reproduction of ship models required developing the skills to hand craft the scale ornamentation of these ships which, is beautiful art form in itself. I also learned to hand craft figures to bring to models to life and replace model supplied equipment which was out of scale. Then one day my ex-wife's favorite porcelain statue broke she thought it was destroyed and I was able to restore it. Then through friends and family and their friends the fine art and antique restoration grew and grew.