Ships For Sale:

La Flora
Frigate - 1768
1" = 11' 1"

Case Dimensions:
17"H x 21"L x 9"W

La Flora joined the Royal Navy after being built in 1768, during the reign of King Louie XVI. She was the third ship to bear that name.
30 guns - 9-pounders
2 guns - 6-pounders

approx. 200ft, beam 34 ft., draught 16.5 feet

Encased: March 21, 1976

$250000 or OBO

La Phenix
La Phenix, a secondary flagship, was designed to receive 86 guns.

The drawings concerning this ship are on the so-called "Colbert Map Book" and would have been drawn by the master shipwright, Coulomb. The creations of such drawings are estimated to originate around 1675 to 1700.

Encased: December 23, 1969
$250000 or OBO
Case Dimensions:
20"H x 24"L x 12"W